Felix Schoeller-100GSM S-Race Dye-Sub Paper 64inx152m (498ft.)
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Felix Schoeller-100GSM S-Race Dye-Sub Paper 64inx152m (498ft.)

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Felix Schoeller, 100GSM S-Race, 64in x 152m
For Fast Dry DYE Sublimation Printing & Transfer.
S-RACE® digital sublimation transfer papers have a microporous coating for fastest sublimation. Extremely fast drying and short transfer times guarantee a highly efficient production process. With excellent line sharpness, these papers provide outstanding results on soft and hard substrates for applications such as fashion, home de´cor textiles, sportswear, soft signage, skis, snowboards and merchandising products. They impress with their exceptionally consistent quality. The best from Felix Schoeller Group, the inventor and manufacturer of S-RACE® dye sublimation printing papers.

Unlike many other dye sublimation papers, our microporous coating has an innovative and unique composition that gives the product highest ink absorption capacity.

The microporous colour receiver layer absorbs the ink very quickly, which allows to start subsequent production steps immediately. In the dye sublimation process the ink is released exactly in the position it has been printed – for perfect line sharpness and detailed reproduction.
The microporous colour receiver layer is applied through the contactless curtain coating technology: the paper web passes through a free-falling curtain. This ensures perfect coverage and results in a homogenous and sharp print in high definition.
The Felix Schoeller Group is the inventor and manufacturer of S-RACE® dye sublimation papers. We unite all production stages under one roof: from raw base manufacture to coating, converting and logistics. Our customers benefit from a consistent production quality, shorter production times and more flexibility.


Dye sublimation onto hard substrates is becoming more and more popular because of its outstanding photo-imaging quality and the possibilities for customization. This includes products such as skis, snowboards, photo panels, mugs and merchandise articles.


Mugs Coasters • Key rings • Ceramic tiles • Mobile phone covers etc.


Photo panels & large format signage:

Photo panels (e.g. ChromaLuxe®) • Interior design panels • Gallery art 
Architecture design panels • Table tops • Furniture etc.

Sports Equipment:
Skis •  Snowboards •  Surfboards •  Skateboards etc.



Dye sublimation printing is becoming increasingly important in the textile market, with applications ranging from fashion and sportswear over to home decor and soft signage.

T-Shirts • Shorts • Scarves • Dresses • Skirts • Blouses etc.

Sportswear • Swim trunks • Swim suits • Bikinis • Sport shirts
Sport shorts • Tricots etc.

Home Decor
Upholstery • Decorative cushions • Curtains • Bed Linen • Table cloths etc.
Soft Signage
Banners • Flags Displays • Exhibition walls


• We pressed it at 180 degrees for 90 seconds: the separation was very good off the paper, the colours were bright and strong. The paper was great to work with!“
 Hellen Swirski, Owner Acid Rip, Australia 
 Sublimation onto surfboards

• Overall, we get excellent results with S-RACE®. It dries extremely fast, holds ink very well and as a result minimizes ghosting.“
 Dale Self, CEO Admiral Sports Srl, USA 
 Sublimation onto apparel and promotional items

The way it prints, S-RACE® sublimation paper absorbs the ink very well, with it drying quick and nice.“
 Hellen Swirski, Owner Acid Rip, Australia 
 Sublimation onto surfboards