Allen Datagraph iTech Talon Digital Label Finisher
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Allen Datagraph iTech Talon Digital Label Finisher

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Stunning Labels Finished Faster Than Ever

Who says you have to sacrifice quality for speed? Designed to die-cut custom labels on-demand without needing expensive dies, 
you can boost your workflow while maintaining amazing quality on each and every run.

Unsurpassed Flexibility At Your Fingertips

 Uses digital finishing technology that can cut any die shape at speeds
   up to 14 feet per minute
 Uses the same vector based file data that would typically be “sent out”
   for die manufacturing 
  Never Settle For Less Than High-Quality

    Unique print to cut registration by the SMARTMark Optical Registration System
      compensates for skew or scale issues caused by material instability
    Multiple marks can be scanned to automatically adjust the cut file

A Simple, All-In-One Solution MakesAny Job Simple

• Laminates, digital die-cuts without dies, strips, slits (optional) and rewinds your labels for seamless operation on the fly
  Provides end users with their own “in-house” label finishing solution to provide their current customers with “value added”
     capabilities to meet the demand for high quality, short run, custom labels

iTech Talon Specs

   Contour Cutting     Full HPGL vector cutting compatible with SMARTMark opto-electrical line sensor                             
   Speed     Up to 12 feet/min | 3 meters/min
   Web Width     4 - 8.5 inches | 10 - 21.5 cm
   Max Frame Length     12 inches | 35.5 cm
   Max Input Roll Diameter     8 inches | 20 mm
   Max Output Roll Diameter     8 inches | 20 mm
   Recommended Roll Length                            500 feet | 153 meters
   Make Ready Waste     4 feet | 1.2 meters
   Cutting Technology     Pivoting carbide tip - 30, 45, & 60 degree
   User Interface     Touch panel display
   Test Cut Function     Yes
   Warranty     Limited liability 1 year


   Height                                                             22 inches | 56cm                                                                                                                                        
   Width     31 inches | 79 cm
   Depth     21 Inches | 53cm
   Weight     185 lbs | 85 Kilograms
   Power Requirements     100-132VAC 5A or 186-240VAC 2.5A
   Network Connectivity     Ethernet 100 Base-T or USB 2.0
   Cutter Management Tools                           Allen Direct-Cut

Designed for Your Toughest Applications

By utilizing proven and revolutionary technology, the iTech TALON Digital Label Finisher offers you more control and
flexibility in label design than ever before - meaning you can get the job done right faster and better.