Application Tape /Transfer Tape (Medium Tack)
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Application Tape /Transfer Tape (Medium Tack)

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PerfecTear Plus™ Graphics Transfer Tape
Vinyl signs require transfer tape that will unwind easily, tear cleanly and transfer smoothly with no adhesive legging or residue. Many projects call for a tape that will adhere to the liner and lay flat during storage and shipping.

PerfecTear Plus application tapes maintain all of the great features and benefits of our PerfecTear line. Additionally, “Plus” means that this tape will adhere to the exposed liner while keeping the liner and vinyl flat for extended periods of time. This allows you to ship, store or apply the vinyl graphics at your convenience with no concerns of de-lamination and the aggravation and mess that comes with it.

Store or ship your RTA vinyl signs with confidence. Trust PerfecTear Plus with all of your graphic needs where liner adhesion and lay flat properties are required. Click below to request information on PerfecTear Plus.

Main Tape GXP-775 Premask PerfectTear Plus with LFA (Lay Flat Adhesive) paper high tack transfer tape comes in 300ft length/per roll. Superior choice for Lay Flat transfer applications, vinyl transfers. Lays and stays flat for easy transfer, retail graphics & storage. Main Tape's installer friendly PerfecTear Plus™ paper application tape tears cleanly, perfect for all-purpose sign shop applications. The improved adhesive system is extremely forgiving yet sticks to silicone type vinyl release liners for easy transfer. If adhesive touches adhesive, PerfecTear Plus™ pulls apart easily. Clean, slit-to-order edges provides easy unwinding of tape rolls. PerfecTear Plus™ also offers improved adhesive stability for long-term storage of RTA graphics.

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