Mimaki UCJV150-130

Mimaki UCJV150-130

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UCJV150-130 is a versatile inkjet printer having a combined function of both printing and cutting mounted with UV-curable ink. UCJV150-130 is an excellent machine with good cost performance, focusing on UV LED Print, and Print&Cut functions. It can respond to varied demands by customers promptly.

Maximum print/cut width 54"

UCJV150-160Energy Star®

UCJV150-160 Features

Product outlines

  1. On-demand print utilizing UV characteristics
    - Quick access to next processing and sign applying due to UV ink property
    - Wide range of applications
  2. Newly developed environmentally-friendly UV ink, [LUS-170] and [LUS-175]
  3. Productive cutting functions. A new function, [ID Cut] will highly improve the work efficiency
  4. Upgraded RIP software, [RasterLink6Plus]

Production Example of UCJV150-130

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UCJV150-160: Outdoor signboard UCJV150-160: Poster UCJV150-160: Banners and flags (fabric) UCJV150-160: Swing P.O.P. (PET film)
Outdoor signboard Poster Banners and flags (fabric) Swing P.O.P. (PET film)
UCJV150-160: Label UCJV150-160: Wallpaper UCJV150-160: Shoji (sliding paper door)
Label Wallpaper Shoji (sliding paper door)