Rite-Media Fluted Corrugated 4mm, 48"x96"
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Rite-Media Fluted Corrugated 4mm, 48"x96"

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Rite-Media Fluted Corrugated 4mm
Introducing our NEW Rite-Media Fluted Corrugated. A high standard printable regular fluted plastic sheet made from high-quality polypropylene and treated with high-level Corona Treatment. Excellent adhesion of UV, latex (HP Latex R-series) and screen ink.

Special Features:

• Waterproof, weather-resistant, stain-resistant
• Lightweight, easy-to-use
• Can be easily cut using a standard utility knife for specific sizes.

Printed Graphics, Signage applications, Automotive, Packaging, Food, Construction, Smart Container & Separator, Medical, Agriculture, Gardening. 


Printed graphics and signage
Indoor and outdoor signage
Screen Printed Signs
POP (Point of Purchase) signage
Shelf & Ceiling danglers
Merchandise displays
Horticultural tags 
Backlit displays
Printed promotional material
Trade show booths
Election signage
Real estate Insert signs
Advertising and media

CAN BE USED with Wire Stake & Sign Holders