Rite-Media Magnet 24" x50' 030 White Matte
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Rite-Media Magnet 24" x50' 030 White Matte

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Rite-Media Magnetic Sheeting is a permanent magnetic material, with one side magnetized and the other side laminated with a printable quality PVC.

With high performance of magnetic power, Rite-Media Magnetic is widely used indoor and outdoor and is available in 24"x50'.

Special Features:

• Working condition: temperature 15c/59c to 30c/86c, and relative humidity 30% to 60%.

• Application condition: temperature -20c/-4c to 60c/140c, relative humidity 20% to 80%.

• Storage condition: In original box out of direct sunlight, in temperature 10c/50c ' to 35c/95c, relative humidity 20% to 70%

• Shelf life: 12 months under normal storage conditions. Unfinished material should be re-sealed and used within one month.

• Note: Excess UV ink piling should be avoided, hard UV ink may cause brittleness, and cause cutting problems